Partners and Sponsors

The Coulson Lab, Imperial College London

The Coulson Lab is an academic centre in Imperial College, University of London. Research in the Coulson Lab covers a range of topics including work on conservation and management of large vertebrates, studies in demography, population dynamics and evolutionary hypotheses. Imperial College London is a leading university in scientific research and is recognised as a leading research institute on an international scale.

The Harry Oppenheimer Okavango Research Centre, University of Botswana

The Harry Oppenheimer Okavango Research Centre (HOORC) is an academic centre of the University of Botswana, focusing on the study and conservation of the Okavango Delta, as well as other wetlands, river basins and watersheds in southern Africa. The overall strategy of the HOORC is to promote research excellence in natural resource management through multidisciplinary scientific research and its applications in the areas of Land and Water, Ecosystems, Governance, Livelihoods and Tourism, with a primary focus on influencing policy makers on the regionís most pressing environmental issues.

Department of Wildlife and National Park

The Department of Wildlife and National Parks is the Government department responsible for the management, welfare and control of wildlife and national parks in Botswana. It is governed by the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism, and as such is responsible for designing and implementing management plans for species and areas of high conservation and tourism value. The DWNP is divided into a number of smaller departments, which are responsible for specific aspects of wildlife and national parks management. One such department, the research department, is designated to overseeing research projects related to wildlife, environment and conservation all over Botswana, and have numerous staff members experienced in conducting research on a variety of projects. The DWNP have given permission for this project to go ahead.

Tati Company, Ltd. Botswana

Tati Company has a long history in Botswana, specializing in property and real estate enterprises throughout the country and has owned numerous tracks of land where elephants freely roam. For example, in the early 1900ís one such piece of land just outside Francistown was a favourite place for the residents of Francistown to view elephants and other wild game that frequented the farm. The company therefore has a strong attachment to elephants and other wildlife, and as such uses the elephant on the company logo. Tati Company has generously sponsored a vehicle, vehicle tools and insurance for this project.

Leica Camera, Ltd.

Leica Camera Ltd. have generously sponsored the project a pair of Ultravid 10x42 binoculars, essential for carrying out the project fieldwork.

Wildlife Conservation Society

Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust

The Jolly Bushman

Rufford Small Grants Foundation

Conservation International

Okavango Elephants & People Research Project
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